We are excited to announce the first ever Intumi release, Anshan by crouds. Produced during a residency in Shanghai in summer 2019, the EP deviates from the duo’s previous releases and improvised livesets. The four tracks feature intricate rythmic patterns, forward pushing shifting drumgrooves and gritty sound design. Drawing inspiration from their immediate surroundings, their experience gained from playing livesets and a deliberately chosen set of tools, crouds crafted a concept EP to leave a unique mark.

Anshan is a place in our memory perceived so long ago, we are not quite sure ourselves if it ever existed the way we remember it. Led by nostalgia, inspired by a lost feeling. We did not find what we came here for so we started crafting to fill the void. Freed by restrictions, some of which we chose ourselves and others imposed on us by foreign powers. The result is a new place to withdraw our minds to. Soon to be coated by doubts of its existence again.

The EP includes three remixes by Berlin-based artists. JakoJako presents a fast-paced interpretation of You Talk The Talk. The track Overhowl gets revisited by Alternativ3 with a leftfield-oriented version, and by Sacha Ketterlin, who puts his dancefloor stamp on it.